Damn Fine Bookclub - June's book - 25/06/2022

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What's the plot ?
An archipelago off the east coast of Britain comes under female rule. Inspired by ancient British stories, the women secretly take charge of the islands’ education, businesses and institutions. But this was without counting on Cwen. Cwen has been here longer than civilization, her name has ancient roots, reaching down into the earth, and the islands she inhabits have always belonged to women. Exploring female power and female potential, both to shelter and to harm, Cwen reaches deep into Britain’s matriarchal past, to ask how radical we might be, if given the chance.

How does the damn fine boocklub works ?
Each month, the dates will be announced on Instagram and facebook. If you want to join, write me at contact@damnfinebookstore.com and let me know which one you want to participate in. The number of participants will be limited at 8 person/bookclub. To participate, you'll be asked to pay a small amount of 5€ (or 3€ if you purchased the book at the bookshop !)

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