Damn Fine Bookclub - July's book - 23/07/2022

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What's the plot ?
One ordinary morning, Laurie's husband Mark vanishes, leaving behind his phone and wallet. For weeks, she tells no one, carrying on her job as a cleaner at the local university and visiting her dementia-suffering father. When she finally reports Mark as missing, the police are suspicious. And it turns out there are many more mysteries in Laurie's past and account of events...
TW : child death/alcohol abuse

How does the damn fine boocklub works ?
Each month, the dates will be announced on Instagram and facebook. If you want to join, write me at contact@damnfinebookstore.com and let me know which one you want to participate in. The number of participants will be limited at 8 person/bookclub. To participate, you'll be asked to pay a small amount of 5€ (or 3€ if you purchased the book at the bookshop !)

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